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Passionate about Handcrafted

Shop American Handcrafted is more than a mere passion for handmade. It represents a community of like-minded individuals who recognize and value the contribution of artists to our lives, and the value of our small business owners in our local economies. Becoming a patron is effortless - simply share our social media posts, promote our movement, and purchase handcrafted products year-round.

Retail store owners and managers, be sure to submit your local shops here to be included on our interactive map. Artists you can submit your retail shows here and we will promote the show on social media.

We are hosted and powered by the IndieMe Marketplace - an online, 100% handcrafted, wholesale platform for North American artists. IndieMe is a leader in supporting handmade. Learn more here.

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Our 501(c)(3) status makes your donation tax-exempt. Let's not limit handcrafted to just one day, let's celebrate it every day. Join us on Facebook and Instagram, comment, share, and post.

  • The Concept

    Shop American Handcrafted was conceived as a grassroots movement with the purpose of introducing handcrafted artistry into households throughout the USA.

    It serves as a continuous reminder to support local and small businesses when seeking gifts for loved ones or even for yourself.

    While you may be familiar with the concept of Small Business Saturday, our mission extends beyond just one day – it's a commitment to all 365 days of the year. Why limit the celebration of small businesses to only one designated day?

    Our initiative is driven by the IndieMe Marketplace, an online wholesale platform connecting handcrafted artists with boutique and gallery buyers.

  • The Approach

    By harnessing the collective strength of our members, Shop American Handcrafted and IndieMe can raise awareness in communities, both large and small, spanning the entire nation.

    With your support, we can serve as a reminder that when you choose to patronize small, local, handcrafted businesses, you're actively supporting your neighbors, your town, your city, your state, and your country. Through the collaborative efforts of all our patrons alongside IndieMe, we can effectively disseminate this awareness to reach and resonate with all consumers

    Our aim is to harness the potential and effectiveness of social media, in synergy with the marketing and design expertise of IndieMe, to make handcrafted artwork accessible to all.

  • What Lies Ahead

    As we expand this movement, anticipate a feature-rich website that includes interactive maps, and pop-up shopping events at local shops and galleries, guiding consumers to nearby handcrafted treasures. For buyers, join us on social media to help you discover artists at retail shows ready to offer their creations wholesale.

    Leveraging our extensive networking strengths within the handcrafted industry we are poised to deliver the Shop American Handcrafted movement right to the doorsteps of consumers everywhere.

    It serves as a constant reminder that when you invest in handcrafted, you're investing in quality, integrity, values, craftsmanship, and a genuine passion for the craft. Who wouldn't want that?